Domain Debug Code

This code is used by the webmaster to track down website problems, please ignore the following chart.

Sandard Host variables

Item Value
vHost_Reg http://www2.festfoods.com
vHost_SSL http://www2.festfoods.com
vHost_CSS http://www2.festfoods.com
vHost_JS http://www2.festfoods.com
vHost_Graphics http://CORE.graphics.grocerywebsite.com
vHost_SSL_Graphics http://CORE.graphics.grocerywebsite.com

Administration Host variables

Item Value
vHost_Admin http://1311.retailer.festfoods.com
vHost_Admin_SSL http://www2.festfoods.com

Module Specific & Special Host vars

Item Value
vHost_Recipes http://recipes.webstop.com
vHost_Ordering http://www2.festfoods.com

Domain Components

Item Value
vSub_Reg www2
vSub_Secure www2
vSLD festfoods
vTLD com
vSLD_Dev webstophq
vTLD_Dev com
vSLD_Prod grocerywebsite
vTLD_Prod com

Old Domain Components

Item Value
vSubDomain www2
vDomainName festfoods
vDomainTopLevel com

Really Old Domain Components

really depreciated
Item Value
vRetailerURL www2.festfoods.com
vRetailer_Domain_test .webstophq.com
vRetailer_Domain .festfoods.com
vDomain .festfoods.com